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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Katrina Kaif in Dubai: "I Don’t Like Being Called Kat!"

Katrina Kaif in Dubai: "I Don’t Like Being Called Kat!"

Katrina Kaif

Bollywood and the media call her Kat, but Katrina Kaif doesn’t like the nickname at all. Kat Katrina, who was in Dubai to launch Katrina’s Lucky 6 Nakshatra jewellery at Paris Gallery, said, “Honestly, I don’t like it when people call me Kat, I don’t know who coined this name."
At a press conference at Dubai's Oberoi Hotel, Katrina (who has been recently voted as the sexiest Asian woman by British newspaper Eastern Eye), said she doesn’t think she’s beautiful. “I read all these polls and surveys about me topping these lists and I feel extremely happy. But every day, when I get up and look at myself in the mirror, somehow I don’t feel that I am beautiful and sexy."
But the survey is going to get her more style cred with her family. "When I am shopping with my sisters, I usually tend to pick up floral prints because I like them. But my sisters disapprove of them instantly, so now I am going to keep these survey cuttings from papers and magazines and show them to my sisters.”
We have to ask: If not herself, who does Katrina consider beautiful? “We were in Beirut shooting for Phantom. I wanted to buy some clothes so I went out shopping in my track pants. What I saw, I could not believe. There were such stylish Lebanese women everywhere and I felt so insecure that I got into my cab and went back to hotel. They were drop dead gorgeous, from make-up to big hair and clothes, everything was perfect and proper. I wish they don’t come to Bollywood, they should stay there,” shared Katrina.
Talking about her brand endorsements, Katrina says that she goes a step ahead and participates by giving her inputs as well. “I endorse the brands that I relate to, sometimes I also make suggestions and share ideas on ads and marketing, it depends on them whether they take it or not.”
Katrina, known for her simple and minimalistic style, is excited about the latest Nakshatra collection by Gitanjali, “I gave my inputs and I am glad that they’ve kept the collection delicate, intricate and not overpowering, just the way I like it. I hope people will like it.”
On being asked if she prefers to buy diamonds or likes them to be gifted to her, the actress chose to keep mum. Well, you know what they say about silence speaking louder than words!
With lots of Bollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan and the Bachchans buying homes in Dubai, should we expect Katrina to be investing in property in the UAE too? “Dubai is a lovely, safe and peaceful place to holiday and live. Actually, my sisters are living in London, so right now I have plans to buy property here. But if someone wants to gift or donate a house to me, maybe in the Marina or around Palm Jumeirah, that person is more than welcome! The hotels here are beautiful, and I enjoy visiting the malls especially Mall of the Emirates.”
We just hope that Katrina's alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor is taking notes on the wish list.

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